Victoria Hayden


Hello and welcome to The Refined Lifestyle (TRL)!  I’m Victoria and I am the interior styling, staging, and decor specialist here at TRL.  I began my personal brand, The Refined Home LLC over four years ago, after spending almost 20 years free-lancing for others. This represented a great milestone in both my personal and professional life, and I have been enjoying the ride ever since!  I am a proud mom to three teenage sons, who keep me on my toes and inspire me to continue pushing myself in all aspects of my life.  When I am not styling, staging, or shuttling teenagers across the land, I am teaching piano lessons to students, ages 5-65 years old, in my 16-year private practice.  I feel deeply privileged to be able to do work that I so fully love and I’m excited to be able to share what I have learned and experienced with you!

To hear my parents tell it, I was a real pain in the butt as a kid!  My dad used to call me Miss Priss because I always had an urgent need for the things in my life to be just so.  It turns out that my irritating attention to detail is actually an asset as an interior stylist and real estate stager!  Now I get paid to make things just so and can indulge my attention to detail! I love it when that happens!  As the owner and lead designer at The Refined Home, I help homeowners who have never been able to achieve the right balance of beauty, function, and comfort discover and refine their style.  I offer guidance to reinforce the style they want to achieve, organizational solutions to suit their lifestyle needs, advice on paint, flooring, finish, and hardware choices, and, ultimately the opportunity to fall in love with their home all over again! To me, there are few better feelings than that moment when I get a text or a call from a homeowner telling me they can’t believe that this is their home and that they never believed they’d be able to live in a place so beautiful!  They usually want to throw a party just to show off their “new” home!  THAT is my “why”, those moments of pure joy!

I also work with real estate investors, real estate agents, and sellers to prepare and polish properties before listing them to sell.  The guidance I give, and the changes I create allow them to market their property as the most widely appealing and profitable product possible.  This is accomplished by creatively reusing and restyling their existing furnishings in new and beautiful ways, or by furnishing the property with furniture and decor from my own inventory.  I specialize in making the most of the assets in a home, while minimizing or correcting aesthetic obstacles with innovative solutions. The goal is always to reduce the property’s days on the market and maximize profits because it outshines the competition around it!

I grew up in a family that was not wealthy in money, but extremely rich in talent, creativity, and determination to make the most of what we had.  This upbringing gave me a firm belief that I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to regardless of any obstacles or setbacks I might encounter.  I was fortunate to have been given a wide and diverse knowledge base by the many talented people in my life.  From a very young age, I preoccupied myself by playing with paint chips and tile samples given to me by my father, who owned a private construction and remodeling company.  The smells of sawdust, paint, and varnish are still some of my favorite scents on earth!  My grandmother, mother, and aunts taught me to sew everything from curtains and duvet covers to costumes and custom tailoring.   They also taught me flower arranging, furniture upholstery, housekeeping and entertaining.   My goal is to draw upon my background, education, and experience to offer you practical and accessible  ways to turn your house into a home that you will love and can be proud of.   Here at TRL you will find seasonal and everyday decor ideas that are achievable no matter your skill level or budget.  My philosophy is that great style should be accessible to EVERYONE, whatever the size of their budget or space.

XOXO, Victoria