The Best Guacamole and the Amazing Health Benefits of Avocados


Coming from a Latin Family, Guacamole is staple condiment. We eat it on/in many dishes and of course for a snack. I make a big batch of Guacamole for nearly every Summer BBQ, Sport themed event and weekly Taco Tuesdays. Often I get asked the same question ” why doesn’t mine ever taste this good ?” Well……my friends, my love for all things avocado runs deep. Not only are Avocado delicious, they are also highly nutritious.

Avocados contain more Potassium than Bananas. Studies have shown that diets high in Potassium, can help reduce Blood pressure, and prevent heart disease. Avocados are also filled with Monounsaturated Fatty acids that help lower bad Cholesterol and reduce inflammation. They are also high in fiber and Lutein, which are important for digestive and eye health. Among many more powerful Cancer fighting Antioxidants. What better way to consume all those healthy nutrients then eating a delicious scoop of Guacamole. Although Guacamole is a just a few simple ingredients, the quality and ratio of those ingredients matters a lot. Its the difference between decent and the best.

Here’s my Five time-tested tips for making the BEST Guacamole:

1. Pick good Avocados

My favorite avocados to use are California Hass ( California girl). They’re thick creamy texture is everything you’d want an avocado to taste like. Fuertes come in second. Picking a good avocado for guacamole is essential. When choosing avocados look for ones that yield to gentle pressure when doing a thumb test. Also remove the tiny stem pit and make sure that looks good too. These avocadoes should be eaten with in two days. If you have to buy firm avocados, a quick way to ripen them is to place in a paper bag with a Banana peel and give it couple of days.

2. Size and Ratio of Ingredients

To me, no one ingredient should outshine the avocado. Great guacamole, should be perfectly balanced between creamy, salty, acidic and spicy. Nor, should you bite into large chunks of onion and Chile. Size matters y’all ! Even though I’m a chef and am use to chopping all day long, no one wants to take long periods of time chopping tiny pieces of onions and chilies that make you cry . I just throw mine into a Food Processor and let it do the work.

For Guacamole to have heat that’s noticeable and enjoyable to all. I’ve found mixing chilies helps. Also removing the ribs and seed tames the amount of heat as well. In this recipe I use a Jalapeno and Yellow Chile pepper. If you like your Guac super spicy like my husband does, leave a small side bowl with extra chopped chilies for adding.

You’ll noticed that I don’t mix in any Tomatoes. As much as I love tomatoes, I feel like they don’t add any flavor and turns the color of the guacamole. Unless they are a perfect, summer, vine ripened, Tomato, they don’t have any place here. I often add some for color, just on the very top, but that’s it.

3. Texture Matters

Great guacamole should have certain smoothness with noticeable small chunks. After all, we need to highlight the star of the show, not blend it in with other guest. The best and cheapest tool I found for this, is a plain ole Whisk. Its quick, easy and everyone has one.

4. Balance of Acid and picking Juicy Limes

Finding the right balance of acid is critical. Because if you use too much acid; in this case Lime juice. then, it will over power the avocado. Too little and the guacamole is dull. Also the color will turn brown quickly. Both of those things are no Bueno. In years of making guacamole, I’ve found for every 4-5 medium to large avocados, you will need two good size juicy limes .

To pick a juicy lime every time, there’s a few tips you need to follow. First look for thin shiny vibrant green skin. Press your thumb into the skin. You will be able to feel the juice inside by pressing around. Dry limes will feel rock hard and often have duller skin. Overly yellow mean they are old and can become bitter.

5. Seasoning

Some people add all kinds of seasonings to Guacamole, but when it come to guacamole I’m a purist. The chilies, onion, garlic, cilantro and lime juice only need to be brought out by some good salt. I typically use Kosher salt because it has a nice clean flavor. When it comes to salting always keep in mind the components that go along with the dish. For example Chips. Unless your using No Salt chips, overly salting your Guacamole or any dish is never good. With salt we want just to bring out the flavors and enhance it a bit. Kind of like a filter for a picture lol. Of course every pallet is difference in terms of how we taste saltiness, I like to think I’ve found a happy medium.

There you have it friends, my Five Tips for making great, dare I say PERFECT Guacamole . Now go get your Guac on and put that ish on errything !!!!

Psst ! Its Vegan too.

The Best Guacamole

Makes 4 cups


  • 5 large Hass avocados
  • 3 tablespoons of minced, red onion ( in food processor or by hand)
  • 1 large jalapeno , seeds and ribs removed then minced ( leave on for spicier flavor)
  • 1 medium yellow chile minced
  • 1 large clove of garlic, minced
  • 1/3 cup of cilantro packed, then chopped very fine
  • 2 large limes juiced
  • 1 and 1/8 teaspoon of kosher salt
  • 4-5 diced cherry tomatoes with seeds removed (optional)


  1. In a food processor, add jalapeno, yellow chile, garlic clove, and onion. pulse until very finely chopped. If chopping by hand, make sure to use a sharp knife and dice everything the same size.
  2. Cut in half five ripe Hass avocados. Remove pit and scrape out avocado with a spoon into a separate bowl
  3. Rinse and pat dry cilantro with a paper towel. Then finely chop with a sharp knife or place into food processor with chilies; pulse a few times till chopped.
  4. Add chile, onion and cilantro mixture to avocados
  5. Squeeze juice of two limes and add them to bowl
  6. Season with kosher salt and if you wish a bit of fresh cracked pepper
  7. Scoop guacamole into a pretty bowl and garnish the top with a few chopped cherry tomatoes and extra cilantro
  8. Serve with side bowls of extra diced chilies and limes
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