It Ain’t Easy Being Green


The Color Trend Story

Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year was Greenery, a vibrant grassy green that was intended to rejuvenate and revitalize.

When used correctly, shades like Greenery can inject a refreshing vibrance to a space. These colors are at their best when they are balanced by light neutrals, cool metallics, or rich wood tones.

From Greenhouse To Gorgeous: A Study In Intentional Balance

Within the scope of my work as a home stager, I often encounter overwhelmed homeowners who tell me that they just don’t know what to do with their space to pull it together. At a loss for a solid plan of action, they often resort to one of two strategies: They either buy a ton of random, unrelated items that “looked good in the store” or they give up completely and just live with things as is.

This sweet couple had fallen in love with this shade of green when they saw it in their builder’s model home. What they hadn’t realized was how much the STAGING of the model home had impacted their perception of the color itself. They also had not anticipated how much the color would change under different lighting conditions. Unable to reproduce the atmosphere they’d so loved in the model home, they just gave up and lived with it. Then the time came to sell their home and they realized they needed help pulling their home together in a way that would appeal to potential buyers.

The Living Room

According to a study by The National Association of Realtors, 86% of home buyers consider the living room to be important to stage.

The challenge here was to make sense of the homeowner’s existing furniture and wall paint. Above, large leaf wall art in black frames were hung on either side of the large television help to balance the space.

Flat wall baskets were installed on the wall to add texture and echo the tones in the furniture. Greenery arrangements placed on the tables further balanced color distribution.

Light pillows on the couch and side chair help lighten and soften the dark leather, balancing the light carpet and walls that remained white.

The Dining Room

The dining room had been largely empty and unused prior to staging. While it may not matter as much when dwelling in a home, 66% of buyers think a staged dining room is important (NAR)

We repurposed a table from the breakfast nook for use in the dining room as the size and proportions were more appropriate.

Here again, the key to working with the bold accent color is INTENTIONAL BALANCE.

The cool tones in the wall art were echoed in the silver candlesticks while the greenery in the centerpiece, the vintage green salad plates, and the small succulents spoke to the wall color.

White ceramic dinner plates and succulent pots completed the color palette. This is a good example of the big impact that small details can have in a space.

The Kitchen

When marketing a home for sale, remember that kitchens sell, according to at least 76% of buyers! It’s well worth the effort to tend to the details that show off the space to its best advantage.

It’s always best to clear clutter and reveal the assets that will translate to offers.

Once again, it’s the small details that made the biggest impact!

These small touches provide moments for potential buyers to stop and connect with your property. In fact, studies show that when buyers touch things, they are more likely to purchase them!

The Breakfast Nook

The large, dark dining set below was repurposed in the formal dining room.

In its place, a smaller round table made the space feel lighter and more spacious.

Again, intentional pops of green in the dishes and accessories balanced the accent wall color.

Green apples in a warm, textural basket along with green leaf-shaped salad plates and small succulents all echoed the wall color. The cream and wood tones in the table and chairs were an intentional balance of the other two main colors in the home’s palette.

The Master Bedroom

A staged master bedroom is important at least 69% of buyers. That puts it in third place behind only living rooms and kitchens.

The master bedroom before was spacious, but not especially inviting.

Ivory bedding accented by custom made green pillows brightened up the bed. Leafy artwork further reinforced the balance of color and texture.

A custom upholstered seat cushion in this sitting area matched the custom made pillows on the bed. The “Namaste” pillow also coordinated with the “Carpe Diem” bed pillow, tying the whole space together.

Final Thoughts

The single most important concept in this project was INTENTIONAL BALANCE. Employing that concept in the staging of this home allowed it to be transformed from a disparate, worrisome property to a highly desired home that sold for full asking price in just over a week!

XOXO, Victoria


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