Heather Ventura


Hello friends and welcome to The Refined Lifestyle (TRL). I’m Heather and I am the beauty/skincare & fashion specialist here at TRL. I’m so thrilled to be here and excited to share my expertise with all of you. A little about me, I am married to my Jeffrey who is my tech-savy husband and bestfriend. We recently bought our first home together in Palm Desert, California and are excited to create our new home together.

I am a skincare consultant for the number one selling skincare company in North America and Canada. I love helping my customers with their skincare needs and growing a team of incredible women/men who are doing the same. Here on TRL I will share all of my tips and tricks for great skin. I will help navigate the beauty and skincare industry with education on application, products and tools.

This past year I was able to step away from my full time job and transition into a part-time role. Two days a week I can be found at one of the three major hospitals in the area working in the operating room as a surgical Physician Assistant. I am the first assist for all the major specialties and love working side by side with surgeons. Prior to becoming a physician assistant I worked for over 6 years as a dental hygienist. With the age of technology also comes more confusion when it comes to healthcare. My goal here at TRL is to present you with helpful, medically based advice on your everyday medical and dental concerns. I want you to feel informed, empowered and confident in your medical decisions.

As the youngest of four I was my mom’s sidekick once all my siblings were off to school. My mom loved shopping and had this insatiable knack for finding amazing deals and took great pride in finding clothing at huge discounts. My fondest memories as a teenager were the days we would take off to Fashion Island or another favorite shopping spot and spend the whole day searching for great sales. Here at TRL I will be your personal shopping guide to all the latest deals. I will make your shopping experience seamless with links to items highlighted on our site with all the companies promo codes.

Welcome to the TRL family and I look forward to bringing you all things Refined!

Xoxo, Heather