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Hello friends, here at TRL we are thrilled to introduce you to a brand we love. Greater Than is a lifestyle brand created by a close friend of ours that we have known since high school. Jenn & her husband Steven started this brand a little under a year ago when their 6-year-0ld son was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes. They immediately had a passion to share their story and connect with others going through the same. What I love most about this brand is that it is not only for Type-1 diabetics. It is a lifestyle brand for everyone. We all experience challenges in our lives and this brand represents how we can feel empowered to be Greater Than our fear, struggles or disease. We can come together as a community and love, support and lift each other up to overcome any obstacle life throws our way.

Here is their biography posted on their website: Greater Than

Greater Than is a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering all individuals. We believe and want you to believe, that whatever your challenge…you are Greater Than!

This passion project began when our 6-year-old son was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes. Our hearts told us we needed to design an apparel line that could make a difference. We want to support and empower others with every fiber of our brand making them feel Greater Than their obstacle or circumstance.

Our first campaign focuses on the Type-1 diabetic community as this is near and dear to our hearts, and will be branded as >1. With every purchase of greater than products, a portion will be donated to the Faustman lab at General Mass. Dr. Faustman’s research focuses on discovering and developing new treatments for Type-1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. Please read about the amazing work she is doing at Faustman Lab

More campaigns to follow in the future.

Much love – Steven & Jenn

Check out their website which features their full line of apparel, blogs and more: Greater Than

Xoxo Heather Ventura


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